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Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is our exclusive monthly membership and group coaching program. Every month, we come together as a group to focus on moving you forward with your intentions, goals and dreams, and to help you make meaningful progress toward optimizing and transforming every area of your life!

When you join the Inner Circle, you are joining not just a community of people like you who are committed to their personal growth and to actualizing their full potential, you are also joining a movement of people who are dedicated to living life at the highest level and truly thriving!

Hi, I'm Sarah.

I'm a certified Master Transformational Coach, and my mission is to bring the tools of personal change and transformation to as many people as possible.

My entire life, I have been driven to discover how we can all achieve our full potential to become our best selves, and live our best lives.

That enduring force led me to studying our human potential and capacity for transformation from every possible angle - everything from the academic study of psychology, anthropology and philosophy in college, to years of dedicated training and certifications in yoga, meditation and other healing arts, and to eventually discovering the world of self development and the transformational techniques that allow us to really take charge of our minds and our lives.

It was only then that...